Apr 24, 2013

Joy Orbison - Donell / free dl

Another dope freebie has dropped earlier today. Joy Orbison gave away his bootleg of Donell Jones’ ‘U Know What’s Up’. It was available to stream online for some time but now you can grab it for free. This sure made a lot of people happy. Check it out below.
Joy Orbison - Donell by Joy Orbison

Redlight - Switch It Off / free dl

After premiering the video for "Switch it off" in the beginning of april Redlight has just given the track away for free. You can download it right here. Listen to the track below along with the Paleman remix. Enjoy.

'Switch It Off' (Preview)
'Switch If Off' (Paleman remix)

Apr 10, 2013

Huxley - Bellywedge EP

Another dope release on Hypercolour was released and this time it's Huxley. His track "Let it go" which was a big tune in 2012 was his last release on Hypercolour and now he's back with a 2 track EP. "Bellywedge" and "Little things" were featured on essential mixes by Dusky and George Fitzgerald so you've probably heard them. Both dope tracks especially "Little things" which blends deep house and garage so good and makes it another bomb from Huxley kitchen. Listen to them below and grab them here, enjoy.
Bellywedge (Original Mix)

Little Things (Original Mix)

Apr 8, 2013

Duke Dumont - Need U (100%)

Need U (100%) by Duke Dumont feat. A*M*E has finally been released last week at iTunes with remixes by Skream and Waze & Odyssey. You can also order the 12" vinyl (sold out already) with the Blasé Boys Club Dub version, or download the Kiss Remix app to make your own version. You have probably heard Need U in different mixes and radio shows and if you didn't you're missing out big time. This is definitely Dukes year with couple of big releases already out and with this one being nr. 1 in the UK. All versions are amazing so have a listen below, enjoy. Duke Dumont - Need U (100%) feat. A*M*E Duke Dumont - Need U (100%) feat. A*M*E (Skreamix) Duke Dumont - Need U (100%) feat. A*M*E (Waye & Odyssey Remix) Duke Dumont - Need U (100%) - Blase Boys Club Dub

Apr 3, 2013

BrEaCh - Jack

Jack by Breach has been one of the hottest tracks out there lately. I was excited a lot about this and it's been released on Dirtybird finally 2 days ago. For sure one of the biggest releases of the year (Claude Von Stroke words, you gotta believe him). Let's get hot is also great tune so listen to both those tracks below and buy the whole release right here.
Breach - Jack
Breach - Let's Get Hot

Redlight - Switch it off + old tunes

Redlight has a new video out for the forthcoming track "Switch It Off" which is set to be released on april 28th. He's also uploaded some of his older (and unreleased) tunes. Tunes i'm still hyped for and still wish they may get a release in the future. Check them out below.
Mash Heads Party People