Apr 28, 2011

Crookers mix for mixmag

As most of you know Dr Gonzo EP is out and creating havoc on the dancefloor. Celebrating the release Crookers did the exclusive mix for mixmag. This mix showcases 2 tracks from the ep and some crazy tracks that will be be rocking the festival circuit this summer. Listen to it below, download it here and grab yourself the last track from the mix - Luckybeard remix of A-Trak. Tracklist is after the jump. Enjoy
Crookers EXCLUSIVE Dr Gonzo Mixmag Mix - April 2011

A-Trak - Ray Ban Vision (Luckybeard Remix)

Apr 27, 2011

Dj Rahmanee / Sarajevo / May 6th

Concrete Jungle crew are throwing another party next friday. Main Guest is Dj Rahmanee and it's happening at So.Ba. Local support are of course Concrete Jungle boys. Expect mostly jungle/dnb action from Rahmanee as you can hear from the tracks below. Also be sure to check out the facebook event and a dubstep mix Rahmanee did for It's A Dubstep Thing after the jump.
Rahmanee - Na Inna Dat
Rahmanee - Bun Di Chalice
Rahmanee & Filip Motovunski - Come With Us Rmx

Aquasky new release + mixtape

Aquasky are back with another banging release. It's out on their Passenger Records with 2 originals: "Take Me There" and "Feel The Sound". 2 dnb/jungle divas Diane Charlemagne (Goldie ‘Inner City Life / High Contrast ‘If We Ever’) and LadyRoller (EZ Rollers ‘Tough At The Top’ / EZ Rollers ‘Walk This Land’) are featured on these tracks. Both bass heavy breaks tracks with an obvious dubstep influence. Listen to them below and be sure to check out the buy links. Check out promo video of them djing around the world after the jump. Also be sure to check out the mixtape they put up, the tracklist is after the jump. Enjoy
Aquasky 'Take Me There' / 'Feel The Sound'
Aquasky SwaggerJacking 2011Mixtape

Apr 26, 2011

Kryptic Minds / Sarajevo / May 7th

Dubstep heavyweights Kryptic Minds are coming to Sarajevo on may 7th. As most of you know Outlook Festival will be held in Croatia in september and this is actually an Outlook Festival promo party they're doing with Burn and Kontra Djz. It will be held in an amphitheatre of Youth House. Local support of course are Kontra DJz with Repetitor Vjz on visuals. In case you haven't listened to Kryptic Minds album "Can't Sleep" be sure to give it a listen. Also head over to Fact Mag to listen to amazing mix Kryptic Minds did for them. Check out the facebook event and listen to some of their tracks after the jump.

Beastie Boys - Hot Sauce Committee pt 2

Beastie Boys, one of my favourite rappers of all time are about to release their newest album. Long awaited 8th album from the hiphop/rock trio Hot Sauce Committee part 2 has been produced by them and Phillippe Zdar and is set to be released on may 3rd.  Because the clean version of the album has been leaked they are making their filthy dirty nasty version available for streaming. Listen to the whole album below and be sure to buy it when it gets out.
Hot Sauce Committee Part Two

Bart B More OMGITM mix

Here's another good mix by Bart B More. This time he did it for OMGITM. Full of all things electro including a lot of fresh tracks by Bart and other great producers. Listen to it below, grab it here,  tracklist is after the jump.

Apr 22, 2011

Filip Motovunski / Sarajevo / saturday

There's a good party in Sarajevo tomorrow. Concrete Jungle boys are bringing Filip Motovunski back to Sarajevo, Balkan Cafe. He's a great dude who produces and plays jungle and dnb. Local support are Said5 and Riven with visuals by John Doe. Too bad i won't be there again but if you're able you should check this out. Here's a link to facebook event. Check out some of Filips productions below and Rivens minimix he did couple of days ago.
Filip Motovunski-Zum Zum Zum
Arsen Dedić-Kad Bi Svi (Filip Motovunski RMX)
Haustor-Moja prva ljubav (Filip Motovunski RMX)

AC Slater in the mix

Ac Slater is heading to Australia so he put this mix together for In The Mix. The mix is good and contains a lot of fresh tracks and some well-known bangers. Bass heavy tunage all the way. Check the tracklist after the jump and listen to this below. Enjoy
AC Slater - In The Mix

Elite Force live mix

Elite Force just uploaded this mix. It's a mix from 18th april and it's recorded live.  It's full of breaks / electro with a bit of dubstep action. Lots of his edits, mashups and originals. Listen and grab it below, tracklist is after the jump.
Elite Force Live @ Rough Tempo Radio - 18/Apr-11

Apr 20, 2011

Mumdance mixes

Here are 2 recent Mumdance mixes. This first one is live and b2b with Canblaster for the first hour and then Dillon Francis and Skeet Skeet join in. There's lot of new productions by each dj in the first mix and some tracks from the Canblaster & Mumdance 3 track EP. Second is his Mothers day mix he did for I D Magazine, tracklist is after the jump. Both mixes are very good containing everything bass heavy. Enjoy
Mumdance b2b Canblaster b2b Dillon Francis b2b Skeet Skeet
I-DJ: Mumdance - Mothers Day Mix - April 2011

Urchins - Just a mixtape

Urchins are back here with their april mix. Crazy mix again including anything and everything. Electro, some moombahton, dubstep and a lot of Ms Dynamite in this mix. Check the tracklist after the jump and grab this mix below. 
JUST a Mixtape Vol. 2

Dj Ayres moombahton edits

Dj Ayres made a bunch of moombahton edits for Moombahton Massive 3. Now he just gave that bunch away. Some great edits and mashups in there. If you're into moombahton you should check this out.
Moombahton Massive 3 Edits

Apr 19, 2011

Monday Freebies #6

It's been a couple of weeks since i collected a couple of tracks that were given away. Now it's here again with a couple of good tracks. Starting with some moombahton by Nadastrom and continuing with some electro/fidgety/bassline tracks to finish off with dubstep. Cop em and enjoy.

You've Got The Love (Nadastrom Moombahton Edit)
Lee Mortimer - CTRL
Will Bailey - Hit The Club Re-edit
Congorock - Babylon (NT89 remix)
Dillon Francis - Beautician
High Rankin - Digital Sex

Apr 18, 2011

Toddla T - Take It Back

Toddla Ts new single "Take it back" has been released couple of days ago. A song that features Shola Ama (great return?) and J2B. It's the first single from his forthcoming album "Watch Me Dance" (august 2011). Great song with kinda 90s feel to it comes with remixes by The 2 Bears, Dillion Francis, D1, Des Demure and DJ Q. Dillon Francis was crazy enough to give his remix away for free. This one's amazing so cop it below and listen to radio edit of Take It Back. Enjoy
Toddla T - 'Take It Back (Radio Edit)'
Toddla T - Take It Back (Dillon Francis Remix)

Apr 15, 2011

Folk Soul Buraz

Folk Soul Buraz iz going on tonight. It's happening in Balkan Cafe starting at 11 pm. Dj Ahmaad and Said5 will be entertaining you behind the decks. Check out the facebook event and come to Balkan tonight.

Jack Beats - Elevator Music / free dl

Jack Beats keep rocking the dancefloors and making amazing tunes. Their rework of John Bs "All Night" has been turning heads lately and has been a very anticipated release. "The B side ‘Elevator Music’ is a deceptive dancefloor juggernaut that shifts through mutated cycles and ends up sounding like only Jack Beats can." As most of the readers of the blog know i'm a big fan of Jack Beats and this has just made my day. Cheap Thrills have given the Elevator Music away for free so listen and grab it below. 
Jack Beats - Elevator Music

Apr 13, 2011

2Bit Thugs

Another act that hasn't been on this blog for a long time. Actually, since the old blog, which means year and a half or something. 2bit Thugs are here again, for a good reason and with good music. They've remixed 2 already great tracks - What you talking about (Redlight and Ms Dyna) and Sunshine (MIA and Rye Rye). They turned it into heavy bass goodness and provided them for a free download. There's also a half hour mix by them with their favourite remixes and some exclusives that are about to go out soon. Check all those below. Enjoy.
Redlight Ft Ms Dynamite - What You Talkin' About (2 Bit Thugs ReRub)
Rye Rye Ft MIA - Sunshine (2 Bit Thugs ReRub)
2 Bit Thugs - Half Hour Hype Mix 002

Hostage April mix

It's been a while since posting something new by Hostage. Now he's here again with yet another great mix. Just the stuff you'd expect from Hostage. Mix full of heavy bass, ravey tunes that will make you bounce. Listen and grab it below, tracklist is after the jump.
Hostage April Mix 2011

Apr 12, 2011

≡ PHACE ≡ / Sarajevo / 16th april

Kontra crew brings us another big name to Sarajevo. This time it's Phace, german dnb producer/dj and a Neosignal label owner who will be playing in the amphitheathre of the Youth House on saturday. Local support are Kontra Djz and 4jays with visuals by Repetitor Vjz. It will be one very noisy night considering Billain and Phace will be playing in the same room. Check more details on the facebook event and listen to Phaces tracks and a mix for Bailey on 1Xtra. See you there.
Phace + Misanthrop
Phace - Teufelswerk
Phace & Misanthrop Guest Mix @ Bailey BBC 1Xtra

Apr 6, 2011

Heavyfeet - All I Want

All I Want' is the first original track of 2011 that sees HeavyFeet return to their renown club sound, which will be their focal point for 2011. It's a chicago house influenced bass heavy track with a classic dance vocal loop. Another good track by Heavyfeet I really like. You can read about their "12x12" project during which they released 12 singles in 12 months on their blog. I was recently hooked on their RackNRuin remix so if you missed it, grab it below.
HeavyFeet vs. Raze - All I Want

RackNRuin feat Jessie Ware - Midnight Loving (HeavyFeet Remix)

Dj Hyper - The End

Dj Hyper is set to release his third album on may 10th. The first single that's taken from the album is "The End" which is a heavy track with soaring synths and guitar riffs. It comes with 3 different remixes, Beatman and Ludmilla remix being my favourite. You can grab yourself a dubstep remix by Minus and be sure to listen to Hyper's spring mix below, tracklist is after the jump.
Hyper Spring DJ mix

Burn Art Family

Another event in Sarajevo on saturday. It's the first edition of Burn Art Family. There will be a workshop and the after party going on in an amphitheatre of the Youth House. Main guest will be Dj One Again (French Kiss FM) from Paris and he will be talking about audio production, djing and internet radio communication. He will also be playing on the after party. Dj Ahmaad, Mr Mehikano and Said 5 will be local audio support with Repetitor Vjz and Vj John Doe on the visuals. There's more info on the facebook event so be sure to check that out.

Dr Gonzo - Bust 'em Up / Springer

Crookers' latest project - Dr Gonzo which is done in collaboration with Savage Skulls, Wax Motif and Neoteric has created much hype lately. You could've heard "Bust 'em Up" in some mixes and it's an awesome track. Ever since i've heard it i got all crazy about it. It's coming out on april 11th on beatport so the wait is almost over. Annie Mac gave the first radio play to Bust 'em Up and Springer last friday and did a short interview with Bot. You can listen to both of these tracks below. Enjoy
Crookers present Dr Gonzo - Bust 'em Up + Springer
*Update* This has been released so have a listen and see buy links after the jump.

The only 909 in the world

Finally, a good reason for posting a picture of Rihanna's ass. AC Slater just gave away a bootleg of Rihanna he did with Riton. He gave it away to celebrate 10000 fans on his fb page. It's a heavy bass chopped and screwed Rihanna on acid and you can grab it for free. Enjoy
AC Slater & Riton - The Only 909 In The World

Apr 5, 2011

Rudeboy Ting vol. 1 / FIS / saturday

This saturday first installment of Rudeboy Ting takes place at FISkultura, Sarajevo. Music will be very diverse with pretty much something for everybody. Vital Echo's gonna be playing some dub / reggae with Singjay Nosmoke on the mic. I (Gogo Ba) will be playing all things bass heavy, from house, breaks, moombahton and everything in between. Peerke will be there for some breaks/dubstep action and Boquee with some dnb/jungle. Visual support is by Niksel VJ and Z.Li. Check out the facebook event for more info and see you there.

Foamo guestmix for Kissy Sellout Show

Foamo provided a 15minute mix for Kissy Sellouts latest show. Quality stuff again including his newest 2 tracks Rumours and Vibrations, that new Jack Beats madness Elevator music and more. Check the tracklist after the jump and listen / download this mix. Enjoy
Foamo mix for Kissy Sell Out BBC Radio 1

Brodinski - Essential Mix

Brodinski's essential mix was aired 2 days ago. I was looking forward and just listened to it for the first time. It's just what you'd expect from Brodinski, a diverse selection of fine music. Starting with some hiphop to continue with moombahton, electro, house and some more bass heavy stuff at the end. You can still listen to it on BBC Iplayer or download it below.
Brodinski - BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix 

Apr 1, 2011

Dj Zinc Crack House mix april 2011

There's been much told about Zinc on this blog so i'm sure you're absolutely familiar with the man. Last years april mix is the one that is still being rinsed out by my friends and me. Here's newest crack house mix which Zinc just uploaded. Bass heavy house tunes all the way with the tracks by Zinc, Foamo, Roska, Bart B More and many others, we've heard lots of them last friday. Listen and grab it below, I'm sure you'll enjoy this.

Plump Djs Grand Hotel mix

Plump Djs made a mix to celebrate their forthcoming Grand Hotel event at Londons XOYO. The last mix by them i posted was awesome, it still sounds fresh. This one is no different, heaps of fresh electro/breaks tunes are in. Listen for yourself or grab it below. Enjoy
Plump DJs @ XOYO May 14th Grand Hotel Dj Mix