Jun 28, 2011

Schlachthofbronx massive giveaway

Schlachthofbronx decided to celebrate 10000 likes on their fb page by giving away some of the edits they're playing out right now. Massive giveaway with some great tunes. Check those out below including Bert On Beats remix of Chambacu and grab them all for free. Enjoy.
a lil present
Schlachthofbronx - Chambacu (Bert on Beats Killer Kraftwerk Edit)

Toddla T Red Bull Mixtape vol.1

Toddla T camped out in the Red Bull Studios for two weeks to craft Volume One of the Red Bull Mixtape. Inviting nine artists from all over the UK to spit bars and create drum loops.The maestro journeyed through sound to create nine harmonious tracks for the final 28-minute mix. All these tunes are 100% exclusive and were created in the Red Bull Studios with Toddla T at the helm. Listen and grab it below, tracklist is after the jump.
Red Bull Mixtape Volume 1 - Toddla T

Jun 20, 2011

Burn Babylon Burn

Next weekend is reserved for a soundsystem culture festival on the olympic mountain Igman near Sarajevo. It takes place on 24th and 25th June 2011 at an altitude of 1300 meters at a modern day mountain home - "ULJU Boris Smoje". There will be 14 of us djing there with half of us playing dub/reggae and other half playing everything bass heavy from house, breaks, garage, drum and bass, dubstep and everything in between. There will be something for everybody and since this is the first time something like this is happening it is not to be missed. Hit the jump button to see the full line-up and check out the facebook event for map and more info about the event, transport issues, accomodation and reservations. See you there.

Jun 18, 2011

Dubbel Dutch Mix for We Get Famous

Dubbel Dutch uploaded this mix few days ago. It's a mix he did for Houston based crew and party Gritsy / We Get Famous. Very good mix which I just enjoyed listening. Heavy bass selection all the way with many fresh tunes and material that's about to be released soon. Listen and download below, tracklist is after the jump.
Exclusive mix for Gritsy/We Get Famous

Jun 17, 2011

Foamo - Celestial Mix

Foamo's got a new mixtape out. It's always a good news for me since i enjoyed every single mix he's put out. This one contains some tunes he's been feeling lately, few new tracks by him and some exclusives. I'm still hyped about his tunes Vibrations, Rumours, Celestial which will be released soon on Chew The Fat. He's got a few collabs too and a remix he's done for Carl Cox from his forthcoming album. Listen and grab this mix below, check out the preview of Celestial and take a look at the tracklist after the jump. Enjoy
Foamo - Celestial Mix
Foamo - Celestial [preview clip]

Freestylers mix for Annie Nightingale

Freestylers did a mix for Annie Nightingale show couple of weeks ago and they just put it up on soundcloud. Mix full of breaks, dubstep and some drum and bass. It contains some of their latest work including Frozen and Killa Sound which they did with Wizard. Check the tracklist after the jump and have a listen or grab it below.
Freestylers Annie Nightingale Guestmix Mix June 2011

NAPT in the mix 2011

It's been a while since NAPT was featured here on the blog. The boys are back with their latest mix from the In The Mix series which was also featured in DJ mag. This one was posted about a month ago but the download has just been enabled so you can grab it for free. Mix includes some of their latest work and some other fresh tunes, bass, breaks, electro and some dubstep in there. Listen and grab it below, tracklist is after the jump.
NAPT - In The Mix 2011

Jun 16, 2011

Diplo moombahton 2011 mix

Moombahton is going strong and the proof of that is this Diplos mix with all things moombahton. Here's what he says about it: "Moombahton is so mad and buzzy and weird and crazy. We are on its dick here at Mad Decent. We just put out a comp of it. I thought it best to make a summer mix for your house party where I can put it ınto a context for all you fine radio subscrıbers. Have fun and get that que que record I did wıth Dillon and Maluca!" Listen and grab this mix below, tracklist is after the jump.
Diplo's Moombahton 2k11 Mix

Jun 15, 2011

Benga free tunes + new video

Benga keeps surprising us despite his busy schedule. He says he wanted to do something nice so he decided to give away 3 tunes. He's got a new video for one of those tunes - "Smack Your Bitch Up". He also gave away "Glowsticks" through his fb page and Annie Mac gave away "United Kingdom" recently. All of those tunes are great so listen and grab them below and take a look at that new video after the jump.
Benga - Smack Your Bitch Up
Benga - Glowsticks
Benga - United Kingdom

Side One & Concrete Jungle / Saturday

Concrete Jungle boys are throwing another party this saturday in Balkan Cafe. This time the guest is Side One from Belgrade, dude who gained recognition from the likes of LTJ Bukem, Crissy Criss and more. Concrete Jungle boys - Said5 and Riven will be there as a local support so you can expect a lot of drum and bass action with some dubstep probably. Be sure to check out the facebook event too. You can listen and grab a Side1 remix and mixes by Said5 and Riven below.
Eric Lau - Always (Side1 Remix)
Said5 - Hartera Mix
Riven - Promo Mix June 2011

Evil Nine - For Fighters mixtape

Evil Nine are back with another great mix. This time it's For Fighters mixtape and it's full of fresh electro and breaks tunes. It includes the latest remix they've done for Broke One and some more amazing tracks. Listen and grab it below, tracklist is after the jump.
 Evil Nine - For Fighters Mixtape vol.1

Jun 14, 2011

Mucha Lucha Clubnight vol. 2

Mucha Lucha club night vol. 2 takes place this friday in BKC Sarajevo. Main guests are Telephunken from Spain. They'll be playing live as a band and we'll be able to hear a Telephunken Dj set also. Local support are Mr Mehikano on the decks and Repetitor Vjz on visuals. Expect everything from funky and breaks over hiphop to dubstep and dnb. Read an interview with Telephunken here and check out the facebook event too. Listen and grab Telephunken summer mix below and check out the vibes which you can expect on friday, tracklist and a promo video are after the jump.
Telephunken Summer 2011 mix

Jun 10, 2011

Drum and Bass in Kino Bosna / saturday

There's another party in Sarajevo tomorrow night. Drum and Bass all night long with guests from Novi Sad - Dj Jelow and Dj Sorriso. Local support are Jamie Kurtowich and John Doe on visuals. Check out the facebook event for more info and listen a recent mix done by Dj Jelow below.

Peo De Pitte Ripecast + new remixes

Peo de Pitte returns with newest mix and some new tracks. Mix is full of all things breaks and electro. It contains some of his latest remixes for Jay Robinson, Will Bailey and a remix of Willow Smith which he gave away for free. Good tracks again and a dope mix. Listen and grab them below, tracklist is after the jump.
Willow Smith VS Rose Royce - Whip my hair (Peo de Pitte Remix)

Jun 9, 2011

Schlachthofbronx - Chambacu Remixes

After the release of Nasty Bass by Schlachthofbronx on Mad Decent earlier here comes another dope release. Chambacu, one of the tracks from that release has received a remix treatment from the likes of Samim, Smutlee, Solo, Toy Selectah and Poirier Soca and it's been released yesterday. You can preview the whole release here. Smutlee remix has been given away for free along with Tony Senghore unreleased remix. Listen and grab both of those below along with a mix Schlachthofbronx have recently done for Enchufada.
Schlachthofbronx-Chambacu (Smutlee Remix)
Schlachthofbronx - Chambacu (Tony Senghore Remix)
E-Radio#20 - Schlachthofbronx

Jun 8, 2011

Mishka Keep Watch XXVI: Club Cheval

Latest in the Mishka Keep Watch mix series are the french boys Club Cheval. Canblaster, Myd, Pantheros666 and Sam Tiba made a very diverse mix starting with some hiphop and then continuing with mostly their tracks. Great mix showcasing some of their greatest tracks, well known and fresh. Check it out below, tracklist is after the jump.
Мишка Presents Keep Watch Vol. XXVI: Club Cheval

Jun 7, 2011

Jamie xx - Far Nearer

This just might be the release of the year. I also might be too hyped about this but this is just amazing. First solo release by Jamie xx has finally come out yesterday and it's frozen out all the music i've been listening to. Everybody's talking about steel drums and feelgood vibes and that's exactly what it's all about with the perfect vocal samples making it soulful, lively, summer jam. B-side is "Beat For", another great piece of music which only makes me more anxious about the possibility of his solo album coming out. Go and grab this release from farnearer.com and make your day. 
Jamie xx - Far Nearer - http://farnearer.com)

Marc Hype / Sarajevo / Saturday

Another party by 4Jays this saturday. This time they're bringing in Marc Hype from Germany. Dude who's been around for a while will be presenting his skills with mashup of different styles combining mostly funk, breaks and hiphop. Local support are of course 4Jays (Billain, Audio Infunktion, Zlijay and El Karinho) alongside Repetitor Vjz. Check out Marc Hype live set recorded 3 months ago and check out this mashup Audio Infunktion has done with Funkanomics while they were in Sarajevo. Be sure to visit the facebook event for more info.
Live from Nu Spirit Bratislava 2011
Nas vs. Cure - Revolutionary Lullaby (Funkanomics ft. Audio InFunktion Mashup)

Buraka Som Sistema - Hangover

Hangover by Buraka Som Sistema has been around for awhile but now it's finally been released. Massive track that is a typical madness by BSS and a definite partystarter. It comes with great remixes and you can get it here. Zombies For Money remix has been given away for free so listen and grab that one below. In case you haven't seen the video for this track check it out after the jump.
Hangover (BABABA)
Buraka Som Sistema - Hangover (Bababa) Tony Senghore Remix (Soundcloud Edit)
Buraka Som Sistema - Hangover (BaBaBa) (Zombies For Money Remix)

Kriterion Opening Party / Friday

Kriterion Art Cinema Sarajevo is opening this friday. Besides art movies screenings, Kriterion will give an opportunity to young people for promotion and presentation of their work in all areas of art and creative expression. It's a reconstructed and redesigned old cinema and by the pictures i've seen it looks great. Opening party is being held on friday starting at 21h with Dj Ahmaad, Zlijay, Dj Zoka, Optimus Prime, Dj Aldin and Repetitor Vjz. Be sure to check out the facebook event for more info.

Dillon Francis Hard mix + minimix

Dillon Francis is one busy dude, apart from heaps of his new tracks and remixes going out he manages to do a lot of mixes every now and then. Now he's done a mix for Hard loaded with fresh and unreleased material plus he's done a 5 minutes minimix for Annie Mac filled with 27 tracks. His great remix for Kito & Reija Lee has also just been out on Blow Your Head Moombahton comp which you can buy here. Listen and grab those mixes below, Hard tracklist is not available but check out the minimix tracklist after the jump.
Dillon Francis - Hard Summer 2011
Dillon Francis - 5 min mini mix for Annie Mac show
Kito & Reija Lee - Broken Hearts (Dillon Francis Remix)

Jun 6, 2011

Monday Freebies #7

It's been a while since i posted a couple of free tunes at once. Now i collected some of them and decided to post them. As always there's something for everyone, starting with moombahton then on to that beatufiul Justin Martin edit of Stardust which Annie Mac gave away last week and continuing with more electro/house tunes. Grab em all below.

Graffitti 6 - Annie You Reset Me (A Mac Moombahton Edit)
Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You (Justin Martin Edit)
Monarchy - I Won't Let Go (Jaymo & Andy George Remix)
Diddy Dirty Money - I Hate That You Love Me (Sinden Edit)
Diplo & Douster - ON!
Figure - The Monsters Revenge (Original Mix)

Boy 8 Bit - Phase IV + mix / free dl

Boy 8 Bit has got a new release coming out on june 27th. It's another big release by the gingerhead and he's giving one track off the ep for free. Track is called Phase IV and you can grab it below. He's also just launched his website and given away a may 2011 mix full of great music. Listen and grab it below, tracklist is after the comments.
Phase IV
Boy 8-Bit - May 2011 Mix

Krafty Kuts - 8minute minimix

Krafty Kuts is here again. This time he did an 8minute mix for Jaguar Skills Radio Show and filled it with 29 tracks. Amazing mix full of hiphop, breaks, dubstep, drum and bass and everything in between. Listen and grab this 8minute madness and see the tracklist after the jump.
Krafty Kuts 8 Minute Mini Mix - Jaguar Skills Radio 1 Show

The Subs - Mixtape for Switch

Crazy belgian electro heads keep on making noise. After the latest releases which have been massive they've now put out a mixtape filled with music they've been loving and playing in the last couple of months. Electronic madness all around with a bit of dubstep action at the end. Listen and grab it below, tracklist is after the jump.
The Subs - Mixtape for Switch May 2011

Hostage - Just Another Mix 2011

I was away for awhile so sorry for the lack of posts, i'm back in business now. Let's kick it off with the latest Hostage mix. Heavy bass business all the way with some well known tracks which are rocking the clubs right now ans some Hostage latest material. Check it below, tracklist is after the jump.
Hostage - Just Another Mix 2011