Sep 29, 2011

A-Trak remixes The Rapture

The track you might have heard this summer at A-Traks gigs or his Fools Gold Radio mix - A-Trak remix of The Rapture - How Deep Is Your Love is out now and you can grab it here. Another great remix by A-Trak but there's also his dub version of the track aka Dub For Mehdi. You can read more about that remix dedicated to Mehdi on the DFA soundcloud and listen and grab it for free below. There's also the aforementioned Fools Gold Radio mix by A-Trak for your listening pleasure. Enjoy.
The Rapture - How Deep Is Your Love (A-Trak Remix)
How Deep Is Your Love?  (A-Trak Dub aka Dub For Mehdi)
Fool's Gold Radio - September 2011 Mix

Peo de Pitte - Grey Tape out now

Peo de Pitte just released his latest track Gray Tape on U&A Recordings. It is a follow-up to his massive Burning Up/Berlusconi EP on the label ran by Elite Force. It is another banger approved by the likes of Zinc, Plump Djs, Savage Skulls and many others. Get you ears taped on the Grey Tape below and buy it right here. You can also check out the mix he sent, recorded on Elite Force Boat Party full of his own production, released and unreleased. Check it out below
Peo de Pitte - Grey Tape
Peo de Pitte live @ The Elite Force Boat Party

Sep 28, 2011

A1 Bassline Tighten Up Records mix

A1 Bassline has put together a deep selection of house infused UK bass incarnations ahead of his Tighten Up Records showcase at FOUND this Friday. He prepares to join label mates Dem2, Kavsrave, Alfie and Fold for the 1st Anniversary of Tighten Up on Friday night. Mix contains tracks from his label, his infamous track Falsehood and a couple of tracks that are waiting to be released. Listen to the mix below and grab it here, tracklist is after the jump. Enjoy

Schlachthofbronx - Carimbo EP out now

New EP by crazy bavarians Schlachthofbronx is out. Carimbo EP is released today on Man Recordings. Leading track “Carimbo” puts the sound of Northern Brasil on the New Orleans bootie map with an irresistible melody and bounce riddims. “Steel Kazoo” is an uptempo smasher that revisists the Trinidad drum legacy in 21st century fashion. “Coolie Fruit feat. Gnucci Banana" is another Bounce influenced track that jumps in your face. And last but not least “Yuh Mumma”, which gives the vibe of the Mexican gulf city another serious European re-examination. Listen to the whole release below, buy it here and grab Collie Fruit for free for a limited time. Enjoy.
carimbo ep
Schlachthofbronx - Coolie Fruit feat. Gnucci Banana

Sep 27, 2011

Julio Bashmore Essential Mix

Latest essential mix comes courtesy of Bristol based Julio Bashmore. He's been turning heads with his releases lately and did a good EM. I listened to it and it's all good vibes. It contains tracks by Joy O, Scuba, KiNK etc. and a couple of Bashmore gems. You can still listen to it on the BBC page right here or download it here (via Discobelle). Tracklist is after the jump, enjoy.

Adult Swim & Scion AV: Unclassified

Adult Swim and Scion AV have released a compilation of "rare and unreleased" music. It contains 18 tracks by the likes of Ikonika, Sbtrkt, Zomby, Kode9, Burial and others. It's all bass heavy music and they gave it all away for free. Check their site to listen all of the tracks and watch interviews with Pinch and Actress. Grab the whole release here and check out the tracklist after the jump.

The Town & Bambounou - Boomcast

ClekClekBoom just sent this over. It's their latest Boomcast which is a series of mixes showcasing nothing but serious underground club music and previewing some exclusive material from the label. This one is done by The Town and Bambounou. Heavy bass stuff all the way. Another dope mix. Listen and grab it below.
THE BOOMCAST #5 (The Town™ & Bambounou)

Dre Skull mix for Mixmag

Dre Skull, boss of the Mixpak label put this mix together for Mixmag couple of days ago. The mix contains mostly newish music and all of the tracks released on Mixpak. Listen and grab it below, tracklist is after the jump. Melé recently released his latest EP for Mixpak and they also gave away his acid banger Starlight Express which you can also download below.
Scene Selection: Dre Skull's 'Mixpak For Mixmag' Mix
Melé - Starlight Express

Sep 21, 2011

Concept Chelia - Frozen Nature

This post was supposed to be published long time ago but due to the fact i wasn't here and some other stuff it's published right now. 
Concept Chelia, close friends from Sarajevo recorded this album, published it and released it for free via their website and soundcloud.
This album is very good and when it got out it surprised a lot of people and gained a lot of attention. It comes as no surprise to me because all of them have been making music for quite a while and i think it was actually just a matter of time before something like this emerged. 
Album is kind of ambiental, down tempo, easy-listening electronic music with couple of faster and "heavier" tracks. They say their influences are hiphop, breakbeat, drum and bass, ambiental, ethno etc. and you can actually hear all of those influences in their songs and it sounds really good. They used a lot of ethno sounds and sampled a lot of nice vocals which completes their tracks perfectly. My favourite tracks from this album are Sunset, Irukandji, Cantus Planus, You Call It Love and Where is my Angel. I'm not gonna write much more about this album because i'm subjective a lot but you should give it a listen and if you like it spread the word.
Listen to the whole album below, download the tracks and check their website. If anyone's interested in hard copy of an album hit me up on e-mail or contact the boys directly
Frozen Nature by Concept Chelia

Mosca - Done Me Wrong / Bax out now

Numbers has definitely become one of my favourite labels. They've been putting out some major releases especially that Jamie xx joint couple of months ago. They've just released Mosca - Done Me Wrong / Bax and it's another very strong release. Both tracks are 4x4 rough, heavy bass tracks obviously heavily influenced by UKG. As soon as i've heard Bax i've been heavily hooked, definitely my favourite out of these 2. Listen to them both below and buy the whole release here.
Done Me Wrong
Be sure to check out the garage special show from Rinse FM last night with Mosca and Spencer. Listen or grab it right here.

Tribute to Dj Mehdi

Another post about the late Mehdi which had to be done. 2 good reasons are behind that: Mehdi's homage to J Dilla done in 2006 and Feadz tribute mix to Mehdi. His J Dilla tribute was done in 200 copies but now Ed Banger crew unleashed it to the world as a tribute to Mehdi. I'm not going to write much about this and will let the music do the talking. RIP Mehdi.
DJ Mehdi - Loukoums
Feadz tribute mix to Dj Mehdi

* Update: Mad Decent crew posted this couple of days ago. Mehdi's mix from Mad Decent Block party 30/7/2011. check it out below.
DJ Mehdi Live @ Mad Decent Block Party

James Blake essential mix

Latest essential mix comes courtesy of James Blake. It's a mix of the tracks he's been listening in the last year and a lot of his own production, including some never-heard tracks and some very well known. Another dope essential mix which will be listened over and over again. Listen and download below, tracklist is after the jump. Enjoy
James Blake - BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix

Sep 16, 2011

Grizzly free tracks + mix

Sindens label Grizzly is taking over LA this week and it's gonna be first Grizzly takeover in USA ever. To commemorate the event he just sent over some free music. His remix of Dr Gonzo Anthem and Brenmars remix which he gave away for his birthday. 2 very good tracks, check them out both below. Sinden also just did a Grizzly mix containing some Grizzly releases and some other great tracks, be sure to check that out too.  Enjoy
Dr Gonzo - Dr Gonzo Anthem (Sinden Remix)
DJ Dsign - Diamondz (Get Money Brenmar Edit)
Grizzly mix by Sinden

Sep 15, 2011

Mucha Lucha Sunday Block Party

After the previous Mucha Lucha parties here comes another one - this sunday. This one is a bit different because it's being held during day. It's about to start at 11 am and it's gonna end around 11 pm probably. There's gonna be barbecue and cocktails all day long and Molimao sale spot. There's gonna be 5 of us in charge of music: Illlusion Art, Boquee, Said5, Mr Mehikano and myself, Gogo Ba along with John Doe on visuals. For more info, map and other stuff check out the facebook event. See you there.

Sep 14, 2011

SBTRKT mix for Mary Anne Hobbs

SBTRKT was a guest on Marry Anne Hobbs new show on XFM and provided her with a 20minute mix. You can't hear much of his mixes so this one is pretty rare. It contains 15 tracks from the likes of Dark Sky, Boddika, Zomby, Sbtrkt himself, Caribou remix of Radiohead and many more. Stream it below, tracklist is after the jump. And if you haven't seen his latest video for "Pharaohs" with Roses Gabor be sure to check it out after the jump.

Foamo FabricLive promo mix

Foamo's back on the blog again. He just did a promo mix for Fabric ahead oh his gig there this friday . It contains some of the latest tracks he's been playing and some of his newest bangers including that much talked about remix for Carl Cox and Ocean Drive, his latest track which is realeased as a third part of his Summer Series on Fat! Records. Ocean drive is also gonna be featured on his 8 track Mega EP which is supposed to be out somewhere in november. You can stream "Ocean Drive" below and buy it here. Listen and download the mix, tracklist is after the jump. Enjoy.
  Foamo - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix
  Foamo - Ocean Drive

Sep 13, 2011

R.I.P. Dj Mehdi

Internet and especially twitter has been flooded with the sad news about Dj Mehdi. Mehdi has died at the age of 34 following a fatal accident in which he fell from a roof at his home. The incident in which 2 other people have also been hospitalised happened last night.
He started his career as a hiphop dj/producer in a couple of french bands. His career exploded somewhere around 2006 when he signed for Ed Banger label and released 2 albums (Lucky Boy and Lucky Boy at Night) and many other amazing singles, eps and remixes. Most notable include "Signatune", "I am somebody", "Lucky Boy" "Pocket Piano" and many others. Last year he formed a group called Carte Blanche with Riton to release more amazing material. The latest mix Mehdi's recorded was "Tunisian summer mix" which he did last week and you can listen to it on Tsugi website or download it via Megaupload. Annie Mac also gave away the latest Carte Blanche track called Molecules just yesterday which just might be really the last track from Carte Blanche.
My condolences go to his family, friends, whole Ed Banger crew and all music fans who will miss his music.
Mehdi, thanx for all the great music and rest in peace.
  Carte Blanche - The Molecules

Sep 12, 2011

Trouble & Bass 5th Anniversary

Let's kick things up a notch and switch to a bit heavier and bit faster side of music. Trouble & Bass crew just celebrated their 5th anniversary and they've put out a mix that contains tunes that moved them in the last 5 years. It contains anything and everything from house, uk funky, dubstep, drum and bass and everything bass heavy. Just take a look at that tracklist after the jump and you'll see for yourself. Listen and grab it below. Enjoy
Trouble & Bass 5 Year Mix

Jamie xx mixes

As i said in a previous post I've been almost obsessed with Jamies music whether it's his productions as a part of the xx or his own productions/mixes. I've already posted his mix for Benji B from earlier this year but the latest big news has been his essential mix which has gained diverse reactions from people. Some say it's one of the best they've heard and some say it's not good at all. I enjoyed it a lot and you should give it a go too.
Another mix from Jamie that just came out is his FACT mix which might be even better than the essential mix so listen to it on Soundcloud page or grab it directly from here.
If you've not had enough of Jamie be sure to check out his 6 mix in which he plays and talks about the music that influenced him and the Gil Scott Heron remix album.


Summer's been long and i've been enjoying myself a lot. The blog has suffered but i know that many of people will be happy that i'm back and that blog will be updated with new stuff. There's a couple of new things that i'm preparing for the blog and there are some posts waiting to be published.
First things first... I need to write something about music that's been in my headphones this summer. Of course there's been everything and anything but i'm gonna write about newish music (this year). Mix that's been played over and over again during  summer was Jamie xx mix (strangely obsessed with his music) for Benji B from february this year, SBTRKT album which is actually one of the best albums this year. Wiley's album has also been on the playlist alongside Jackmaster and Goldies Fabric mixes and many tracks and mixes by the likes of Canblaster, Sam Tiba, Bambounou, Foamo, AC Slater, Marble Players, Boddika, Joy O, Myd, Dark Sky, Bok Bok, Girl Unit, Roska and many many more. Soon you'll be updated with new music, videos etc. but in the meantime have a listen at this Jamie xx mix and couple of more tracks i've been hooked on lately after the jump. Enjoy
  Jamie XX mix for Benji B