Jul 21, 2011

Plump Djs - Hump Rock out now

Hump Rock by Plump Djs has been causing havoc lately and i have been waiting for it to finally get released. It got released while i wasn't here so i had to make a post about it. Massive track which is a 6th release on their imprint "Grand Hotel Records". Big beat, heavy bass and their typical signature makes this track one of the summer anthems. They also gave away a remix/mashup they did. Listen to both those tracks below, buy Hump Rock here and grab that mashup for free. Enjoy
Plump DJs- Hump Rock
Plump DJs vs Daft Punk vs Dyson vs Breakdown

Jul 20, 2011

Jamie xx - Far Nearer / Foamo Refix

Foamo did a refix of Jamie xx - Far Nearer and did a good job. We could've heard that refix in his latest mix and Foamo just gave that track away so listen to it below and grab that awesomeness for free. He also just released his second track (out of 4 on Fat! records) this summer which is Vibrations. I was very hyped about that track and now it's out. Listen to a clip of that track and buy it here.
Jamie xx - Far Nearer (Foamo Refix)
Foamo - Vibrations [clip]

Plastic Fest 2011

Plastic Fest took place in Sarajevo last year and it went down really well. The second edition takes place this year during the course of 4 days and in 2 different venues. It'll be about different genres of music from breaks, electro, bass heavy house to dub, dubstep, drum and bass and everything in between with domestic forces and guests from Jamaica, Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia. Check out the facebook event and hit that jump button for full lineup and schedule. See you there.

Boy 8 Bit JJJ mixup

Boy 8 Bit did a mix for JJJ to promote his current tour out there. It contains mostly the stuff he's currently playing alongside some older tracks and a remix that will never see the light of day. No tracklisting for this one but another good mix by Boy 8 Bit. Listen and download below and be sure to check out his latest video for "Fire Extinguisher" off his latest Madrigal EP after the jump.
Boy 8-Bit - Triple J Mixup 2nd July 2011

Bart B More July 2011 Mix

Bart B More spent some time in USA so he gave us this mixtape when he came back. Again a very good mix by the dude and again it's full of fresh electro goodies. Check the tracklist after the jump and grab it below. Enjoy
Bart B More's 'Back In Europe' July 2011 Mixtape by Bart B More

Jul 19, 2011

NAPT - Knowledge Mag Mix 2011

NAPT boys did a mix for Knowledge Mag. It features previews to tracks from NAPT and Lucian X’s Bass EP. It also contains some fresh electro/bass heavy/breaks tracks and it's a very good mix. Listen and download below, tracklist is after the jump.
NAPT - Knowledge Mag Mix 2011 by NAPT

Kissy Sellout latest podcast

I'm gonna post couple of mixes that i received in the last 10-15 days so in case you missed them check em out. First up is Kissy Sellouts latest podcast. Again bouncy, crazy, fidgety madness by Kissy with heaps of his remixes, edits and some other crazy tracks. Stream it here, download it below and check out the tracklist after the jump.
Wonders of the Kissy-Verse
Download here / Direct Link

Holidays + Exit Fest

I was away for a while because of the college stuff and then the more fun stuff like Exit Festival and more holiday action. I'll be here for couple more days and then will be away again for a while. Be patient and stay tuned because the blog will be back in full swing some time in august.
I have to share some of my opinions on the latest Exit Festival which was amazing. Line-up was great as you can see here. There was something for everybody as there was some older stuff to listen as well as upcoming and currently on fire artists.
If i had to choose 5 top acts from this Exit it would be hard so i will just try to say a little something more about those that i loved the most.
First night we watched House Of Pain, Gesaffelstein, Magnetic Man and a couple more acts and the highlight was definitely Gesaffelstein. He killed it on the Elektrana stage and i took some of my friends there who never heard of him and they were amazed.
Second night was all about M.I.A, Dj Oneman, Digital Soundboy Soundsystem and couple of more and the biggest acts were absolutely Dj Oneman and Digital Soundboy crew. MIA was ok but i actually expected much more but then we went to see Oneman and got blown off with his heavy bass riddims including some of the freshest dubstep and bass heavy tunage. Shy FX and the crew then got on the main stage and blew it away with some of his jungle tracks and more jungle classics, Redlights latest tunes and a lot more amazing tunes whether it was jungle, dnb, dubstep, reggae or whatever. It was amazing, we danced our asses off.
Third night was about Santigold, Hadouken! and then the Night Slugs crew. Santi was great and so were these other acts especially Girl Unit who i enjoyed the most that night on the HNS stage.
Last night was more laidback but also amazing as we listened to some Portishead, Digitalism, Nosaj Thing, bit of Photek, David Rodigan and Steve Aoki to finish the Festival with Paul Kalkbrenner. Digitalism and Nosaj Thing were awesome and the sun coming out while Paul Kalkbrenner was dropping Sky & Sand was proper closing of the festival. Amazing night and amazing festival.
We listened to a lot more acts but we were either too short there or busy with something else. Festival was great and i'm already looking forward to next one. Thanx to everyone who was there with me, the whole Sarajevo crew and a special thanx to our host without whom this festival wouldn't be the same. Cheers to all of you and see you next year.