Nov 19, 2010

Aquasky november mixtape + free track

It's always good to hear something from the oldschool boys like Aquasky. Dave just uploaded their november mixtape to their soundcloud. Main reason for that is actually the first track from the mix. It's their new collab with Ragga Twins -‘Living Legends’ / ‘Raggatron’ which is out on november 19th. The mix is full of everything bass heavy, from breaks and electro to dubstep and dnb. Listen and/or download via soundcloud, tracklist is after the jump. And oh yes, you can grab a free track by Black Noise (Aquasky's other alias) below.
Aquasky Nov. 2010 mixtape by Dave Aquasky

Black Noise - Jungle Iz Em (Take Me Away VIP)

1 ‘Living Legends’ Aquasky & Ragga Twins - Passenger records
2 ‘White Off’ 601 - Ape Music
3 ‘Boomer’ (Punk Rolla remix) Plum DJs
3.1 (? Daddy Freddy accapella )
4 ‘Territory’ (club mix) Rack N Ruin ft Navigator & Slarta John
5 ‘Bounce’ (Fuck This Mix) Zap! Pow! Die!
6 ‘Raggatron’ Aquasky & Ragga Twins - Passenger records
7.1 (‘Freaky Girl’ accapella - Wizard Sleeve)
8 ‘Stripper’ (dub mix) Stuka ft Sir Real
8.1 (‘Get Down Tonight’ accapella – Wizard Sleeve)
9 ‘To Kill A Man’ Last Japan
10 ‘Congorock’ Babylon ft. Mr Lexx
11 TBC
11.1 (‘Computer Age’ accapella – Wizard Sleeve & Black Noise)
12 ‘Cracks’ (Ctrl Z remix) Freestylers ft Belle Humble
13 ‘Jungle Iz Em’ VIP Black Noise [DOWNLOAD]
13.1 (‘Dem No No We’ accapella – Ragga Twins & Aquasky vs Master Blaster)
14 ‘Electron’ Nero - MTA
15 ‘I Need Air’ (Digital Soundboy remix) Magnetic Man
15.1 (‘Looking Fly’ accapella – Murs & Black Noise)
16 ‘Player Haters Ball’ Silver
17 ‘Raggatron’ (DJ Sly & Pacso remix) Aquasky & Ragga Twins Passenger
18 ‘Barbra Streisand’ (Sigma remix) Duck Sauce
18.1 (? accapella)
19 ‘Let Me Go’ Cutline - Not Safe For Work
19.1 ‘Minimalistix’ Skream
20 ‘Typhoon’ Foreign Beggars & Chasing Shadows
21 ‘Reploid’ Excision & Downlink
21.1 (‘Outlaw’ accapella - Sporty-O)
22 ‘Heavy Artillery’ Excision & Downlink ft Messinian
23 ‘Take It No More’ Original Sin
24 ‘Be Alright’ Sekklow
24.1 (? accapella)

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