Nov 8, 2010

Chase and Status feat Tempa T - Hypest Hype

Chase and Status are making new album which is supposed to be out on january 31st 2011. It is a highly anticipated album but we'll see if they'll be able to make it better than "More than a lot". Latest track that's taken from the album is Hypest Hype which they've done with Tempa T. This track cannot be labeled under one genre, they're experimenting with their sound and it sounds good.
Here's what they said about this track: "We tried to combine Prodigy-esque drums, with guitar-rock beats and basses in there and come up with some crazy amalgamation of a tune that’s been tearing up our live shows recently."
The track is given for free so here's a video and a download link below.

Chase and Status - Hypest Hype feat. Tempa T

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