Nov 11, 2010

Count And Sinden - Addicted To You

Oooh yes, Count and Sinden featuring on this blog, again. This is actually the main reason why i had to restart this blogging thing. To share and promote some of my favourite music with people. It feels good.
Anyway, as you probably know, their album has been out for a while now. I've enjoyed it, it's a good one. Couple of days ago they also released their new single "Addicted To You" which they've done with Bashy. It's a great song and i've been addicted to it for some time. You can check the video which is done in MJ's thriller style.
On the last 3 gigs i've played  the original, their Club remix and Baxta's remix. All of them are awesome. Plus it's not everything, there are even more remixes. You can check them all out below and grab yourself a Lone remix for free.

The Count and Sinden feat. Bashy - Addicted To You (Lone Remix)

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