Nov 2, 2010

Fenech Soler

I really had to write a post about Fenech Soler. Their self-titled first album is one of those albums that got me totally crazy and i'm still hooked on it. Their electro style full of crazy synths, funk inspired rhytms, falsetto and housey piano tunes is amazing. Actually they're the best indie kind of band after Klaxons and MGMT for me personally. I don't know which song from the album is my favourite because the album as a whole is just a great piece of music everyone should listen.
Here's a video of their song "Lies" and after you hear it, you know  what do to, go and grab yourself a copy of the album.

Here's also Herves bass heavy remix of Lies that's been circulating the blogosphere and given for free. Another great remix.

Fenech Soler - Lies (Herves Solar Flare Remix)

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