Nov 29, 2010

Sam Tiba x Spoek Mathambo - Burning

Top Billin crew always send great promos. This time it's about new Sam Tiba/Spoek Mathambo collab which actually came out on nevember 12th. It's a tribute to ganja smoking and the original contained a sample saying: "yes i got the nice green..." but then Sam Tiba decided to put a friendly voice over it and that's where Spoek Mathambo comes into place. Spoek did vocals, they got the chorus done and now it's come out on Top Billin. As they say it's kind of a tribute to 2009 because of this 4x4 rhythm and this bassline. And yes, we'll continue burning :)
I'm not allowed to give this one for free but stream it here and buy the damn thing right here.

Burnin by TOP BILLIN
Since i'm not allowed to share the above mentioned track i have something else for you. Release that came out the same day - Sharkslayer - Hammerhead. Another bass heavy track that's kinda typical for these dudes. Check it out and grab yourself a free download below.

Sharkslayer - Hammerhead

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