Nov 23, 2010

Tony Senghore - Burnin + Targa remix

Tony Senghore is another swede for whom i got big respect for. He is making great music and oh i love it. He's had his latest "Score" EP out today on Fat! records. He's also got another EP called "Burnin'" coming out on his label Horehaus on december 1st. Another great release coming with remixes by AudioFun, Keith and Supabeatz and Lars Moston. He's given away his remix for free, it's a good one and you can grab it below.

Tony Sengore - Burnin (Tony Senghore You got me burnin Remix)

Now we're coming to my favourite part of this post. His remix of Russ Chimes' - Targa. I'm totally in love with this remix. The original is a good track, no doubt about that but this remix just works perfectly for me. I bet you're gonna catch yourself  singing about biting the bullet and stuff... forget about that, download this remix and enjoy.

Russ Chimes - Targa (Tony Senghore Remix)

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