Dec 2, 2010

New Heartbreak - M3 EP

More moombahton? Yes, please. This time it's Heartbreaks time. It's his new moombahton EP that's been given away for free. It's kind of divided into 3 parts because all 3 tracks are very different despite it all being moombahton.
First track, Shy day is kinda sexier, easier track that will be very sutiable for some quality time with your gf/bf. Despite that it is also very dancefloor friendly. It samples Sade - No Ordinary Love and David likes to call this style moombahsoul. You'll see/hear for yourself that moombahsoul is very suitable name for this.

Heartbreak - Shy Day

Second track from the ep is Arieto. Different than the first one but still very good. It will take you to the happier side of this ep. More latin influenced track containing some spanish samples. Very good track that will still make you want to move your ass.

Heartbreak - Arieto

Third track is a King Kong and i think the name couldn't be more appropriate. It's the most aggressive, fueled with bass and darkest part of this ep. It's similar to Munchi's previous moombahcore projects (no wonder, they are together in this moombahton thing) and it's a real king kong amongst these 3 tracks from the ep. This one is my favourite alongside Shy Day and those 2 are my new favourite moombahton tracks, i can't wait to drop em.

Heartbreak - King Kong

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