Dec 25, 2010

Skream Presents The Freeizm Album

Another free album is given away today. It's Skream with The Freeizm Album. Thanx Ollie for this. Massive stuff. This album is complied of old stuff, lost dubs and some new stuff.  Even though i still haven't listened to the whole album some tracks i heard and it's a good stuff, you wouldn't expect anything less from Skream. Grab your copy below, tracklist of the album  is after the jump.

Skream presents The Freeizm Album
1. Intro
2. No Ready
3. Cold Outside
4. 10 Bit Dreamz
5. Minor
6. Back From The Zoo
7. Krazy Snares
8. Lightnin VIP
9. Left The Room
10. Commercial SellOut
11. CTO
12. Skwelcha
13. Emotional Shizzle

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