Feb 15, 2011

Canblaster - Master Of Complication EP

Nightshifters label is back here on the blog. This time with a brand new EP by Canblaster. This EP has got 4 original tracks and 4 remixes from Para-One and Teki Latex, Jubilee, Magnum and Bambounou. "Clockworks", the slowest track (132bpm) kicks this EP off with a soaring melody of reverberant House stabs and ticking watch beats. Going through more tracks on the EP, tracks get faster and more diverse: bass heavy 140bpm track - "Triple Ring", footwork/juke-like 160bpm "Lost in the shell" and 180 bpm "Masters of Chronicles" (try and put it into one genre). Hear them all after the jump and have a listen and/or download "Clockworks" below. You can grab the full EP here of here. Enjoy.

Canblaster - Clockworks Direct Link

Master of Complication EP

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