Feb 21, 2011

Monday freebies

The same thing as last monday, couple of tunes that were in my inbox or given away by the artists/labels. I will try and do this every monday so stay tuned for more. There's something for everybody again, starting with moombahton, some house/electro and finishing with dnb. Enjoy.

Mu-Gen - Fizzdom (Munchi Moombahton Remix)
The Aikiu - The Red Kiss (Brodinski Remix)
Canblaster - Chicken Run (Panteros666 Remix)
Telepopmusik - Breathe (Kill Frenzy bootleg)
Boy 8 Bit - The Keep (Bowski Remix)
Designer Drugs - Zombies (Jaimie Fanatic remix)
Clare Maguire - The Last Dance (Danny Byrd Remix)

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