Mar 14, 2011

Molimao 2011 Promo

A man who's responsible for the Mooreeya logo - Dream83 is also the man behind Molimao project. Molimao is a t-shirt brand heavily influenced by graffiti art. Last year he made the first collection of Molimao t-shirts  and it was kind of a tryout. A tryout which went down really well. All the shirts were sold out and people were asking for more. He just made the new collection with a lot more t-shirts and I was lucky enough to see those t-shirts just after they got finished. I was super excited and amazed when I saw the new collection. All the shirts are great and I can't wait to see how the people will react to it. This thursday at 7 pm Molimao 2011 promo exhibition will be held in the Black Box gallery in Sarajevo. It will be a showcase of all things Molimao with free drinks, good vibe and good music. Check out the facebook event here, come down and have some fun. Watch this space for more info, news and events by Molimao.

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