Apr 13, 2011

2Bit Thugs

Another act that hasn't been on this blog for a long time. Actually, since the old blog, which means year and a half or something. 2bit Thugs are here again, for a good reason and with good music. They've remixed 2 already great tracks - What you talking about (Redlight and Ms Dyna) and Sunshine (MIA and Rye Rye). They turned it into heavy bass goodness and provided them for a free download. There's also a half hour mix by them with their favourite remixes and some exclusives that are about to go out soon. Check all those below. Enjoy.
Redlight Ft Ms Dynamite - What You Talkin' About (2 Bit Thugs ReRub)
Rye Rye Ft MIA - Sunshine (2 Bit Thugs ReRub)
2 Bit Thugs - Half Hour Hype Mix 002

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