Apr 6, 2011

Dj Hyper - The End

Dj Hyper is set to release his third album on may 10th. The first single that's taken from the album is "The End" which is a heavy track with soaring synths and guitar riffs. It comes with 3 different remixes, Beatman and Ludmilla remix being my favourite. You can grab yourself a dubstep remix by Minus and be sure to listen to Hyper's spring mix below, tracklist is after the jump.
Hyper Spring DJ mix
1. Skrillex 'Scary Monsters...' Beatman & Ludmilla Rerub
2. Autokratz 'Opposite Of Love' (Petit Pelous remix Hyper re-edit)
3. Bad Bwoys ft. Runniga Projectiles Remix
4. Evil 9 'It's You' 10 Rapid remix Vs Autoerotique 'Freak' Hyper mash edit
5. Breakage 'Fighting Fire' Foamo remix
6. Congorock 'Babylon'
7. Fenech Solar 'Demons' Plump DJ's remix
8. Porcelain Black 'This What' Hyper remix)
9. Hyper 'The End' (Beatman & Ludmilla remix)
10. GeRM 'Go'
11. Tai 'Big Bass Drum' (Bart B More remix)
12. Cyberpunkers 'Cabala' GeRM remix)
13. Peo De Pitte 'Burning Up'
14. Cassius 'I <3 U So' (Skream remix)

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