May 6, 2011

Canblaster - Foolcast #23

Latest Fools Gold Podcast is done by Canblaster. Club Cheval crew youngest member and currently one of my favourite producers with his unique style of heavy bass club music. In the words of Fools Gold he's a dude  "who burst on the scene like a synth-wielding Harry Potter with facemelting singles like “Jetpack,” “Clockworks,” and a gleefully warped collection of remixes". I couldn't disagree with that, now here's a mix he did for Fools Gold containing a lot of great tunes, new and old. Listen or grab it below, tracklist is after the jump. Enjoy.

Underworld – Mmm… Skyscraper I Love You
Funkystepz – Shocker
Christian Martin – Ghosts
M-FLO – Beautiful Days (Taku’s Garage Mix)
Les Gilettes – Carl Lewis (Myd Remix)
Marble Players – Marble Anthem
Style Of Eye & Slagsmålsklubben – Homeless (Canblaster Remix)
Lil Silva – Patience
Canblaster – Lapcom (Edit)
Para One & Teki Latex – Deep Sea Creatures
Real Fur – Animal (Panteros666 Remix)
Amphibious – What Happened
In Flagranti – Three-Piece Suit
French Fries – Charlotte (Canblaster Remix)
Todd Edwards – You Are My All
Nguzunguzu – Got U (Berou & Canblaster Remix)
Funkin Matt & Teki Latex – Get Loose (Canblaster Remix)
Toni Lionni – This Feeling
M-FLO – Planet Shining
Dopplereffekt – Elevator Up & Down
Erra – Getting Arp
DJ K.Millz – Girl U Got That (Wet Wet)
Ken Ishii – Organized Green (Fabrice Lig’s Live Version)
Mr Tweeks – Elevator (Lucid Remix)
Luckybeard – Gino
DJ Javier Estrada – Crazy Indian
Mr Tweeks – Money (Rizzla Remix)
DJ Armirax & DJ Zondey – Scream Hallowen (Original Bimix)
AraabMuzik – Oh Baby
Krywolf – Wonga (Sam Tiba Dub)
Canblaster & Mumdance – What A Mess (Epic Mix)
Jody Breeze – The Way I Move

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