Jun 6, 2011

Hostage - Just Another Mix 2011

I was away for awhile so sorry for the lack of posts, i'm back in business now. Let's kick it off with the latest Hostage mix. Heavy bass business all the way with some well known tracks which are rocking the clubs right now ans some Hostage latest material. Check it below, tracklist is after the jump.
Hostage - Just Another Mix 2011

1. Magnum – Grooveworks (Hostage Remix)
2. 2 Sucka DJs – Soundboy
3. Redlight – Source 16
4. Lil Silva – Cheese n Bun
5. Swick – Flick It Up (Will Bailey Remix)
6. The Living Graham Bond – Werk (Tomb Crew Remix)
7. Lee Mortimer – The Apple Company Is Expanding
8. Star Eyes – White Gloves
9. Costello – People Bounce (Jay Robinson Remix)
10. Marc Rémillard – Jungle Knockout (Hostage Remix)
11. Lars Moston & Breakfastklub – Organik (Mikix the Cat Remix)
12. Gtronic – Dance Machine (No-Vocal Dub)
13. Noize Generation – Ghetto Rave (Hostage Remix)

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