Jun 28, 2011

Toddla T Red Bull Mixtape vol.1

Toddla T camped out in the Red Bull Studios for two weeks to craft Volume One of the Red Bull Mixtape. Inviting nine artists from all over the UK to spit bars and create drum loops.The maestro journeyed through sound to create nine harmonious tracks for the final 28-minute mix. All these tunes are 100% exclusive and were created in the Red Bull Studios with Toddla T at the helm. Listen and grab it below, tracklist is after the jump.
Red Bull Mixtape Volume 1 - Toddla T
Toddla T & Bare Traina feat MC Trigganom - Sufferer
Toddla T & Lukey feat Shadez - Breakin' Space
Toddla T & Buggsy - Unnamed
Toddla T & Star One - Unnamed
Toddla T & Clouds - Grapes & Snubs
Toddla T & Ms Nicole - Unnamed
Toddla T & Mele - Unamed
Toddla T & Kobi Onyame feat Cleo Sol - Explain Yourself
Toddla T &ToyFace - Unnamed

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