Sep 27, 2011

Adult Swim & Scion AV: Unclassified

Adult Swim and Scion AV have released a compilation of "rare and unreleased" music. It contains 18 tracks by the likes of Ikonika, Sbtrkt, Zomby, Kode9, Burial and others. It's all bass heavy music and they gave it all away for free. Check their site to listen all of the tracks and watch interviews with Pinch and Actress. Grab the whole release here and check out the tracklist after the jump.
Ikonika, “World on Mute”
xxxy, “Kerpow”
Untold, “Peaky”
Geiom, “Pure Bristle”
Ginz, “Chrome”
Lukid, “Running From The Demons”
Geeneus ft Riko, Wiley, Breeze (Dusk & Blackdown 2step mix ft Farrah)”
SBTRKT, “Golddigger”
Starkey, “Eris”
Actress, “Murder Plaza”
Zomby, “Hexagons”
Dauwd, “Ikopol”
Boxcutter, “Waiting For The Lights”
Babe Rainbow ft Ashley Webber, “Give You Time”
Burial, “Street Halo”
Kode9, “Just Inside”
Pinch, “Blow Out The Candle”
Cooly G, “R U Listening”

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