Sep 21, 2011

Concept Chelia - Frozen Nature

This post was supposed to be published long time ago but due to the fact i wasn't here and some other stuff it's published right now. 
Concept Chelia, close friends from Sarajevo recorded this album, published it and released it for free via their website and soundcloud.
This album is very good and when it got out it surprised a lot of people and gained a lot of attention. It comes as no surprise to me because all of them have been making music for quite a while and i think it was actually just a matter of time before something like this emerged. 
Album is kind of ambiental, down tempo, easy-listening electronic music with couple of faster and "heavier" tracks. They say their influences are hiphop, breakbeat, drum and bass, ambiental, ethno etc. and you can actually hear all of those influences in their songs and it sounds really good. They used a lot of ethno sounds and sampled a lot of nice vocals which completes their tracks perfectly. My favourite tracks from this album are Sunset, Irukandji, Cantus Planus, You Call It Love and Where is my Angel. I'm not gonna write much more about this album because i'm subjective a lot but you should give it a listen and if you like it spread the word.
Listen to the whole album below, download the tracks and check their website. If anyone's interested in hard copy of an album hit me up on e-mail or contact the boys directly
Frozen Nature by Concept Chelia

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