Sep 12, 2011

Jamie xx mixes

As i said in a previous post I've been almost obsessed with Jamies music whether it's his productions as a part of the xx or his own productions/mixes. I've already posted his mix for Benji B from earlier this year but the latest big news has been his essential mix which has gained diverse reactions from people. Some say it's one of the best they've heard and some say it's not good at all. I enjoyed it a lot and you should give it a go too.
Another mix from Jamie that just came out is his FACT mix which might be even better than the essential mix so listen to it on Soundcloud page or grab it directly from here.
If you've not had enough of Jamie be sure to check out his 6 mix in which he plays and talks about the music that influenced him and the Gil Scott Heron remix album.

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