Sep 13, 2011

R.I.P. Dj Mehdi

Internet and especially twitter has been flooded with the sad news about Dj Mehdi. Mehdi has died at the age of 34 following a fatal accident in which he fell from a roof at his home. The incident in which 2 other people have also been hospitalised happened last night.
He started his career as a hiphop dj/producer in a couple of french bands. His career exploded somewhere around 2006 when he signed for Ed Banger label and released 2 albums (Lucky Boy and Lucky Boy at Night) and many other amazing singles, eps and remixes. Most notable include "Signatune", "I am somebody", "Lucky Boy" "Pocket Piano" and many others. Last year he formed a group called Carte Blanche with Riton to release more amazing material. The latest mix Mehdi's recorded was "Tunisian summer mix" which he did last week and you can listen to it on Tsugi website or download it via Megaupload. Annie Mac also gave away the latest Carte Blanche track called Molecules just yesterday which just might be really the last track from Carte Blanche.
My condolences go to his family, friends, whole Ed Banger crew and all music fans who will miss his music.
Mehdi, thanx for all the great music and rest in peace.
  Carte Blanche - The Molecules

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