Jun 20, 2012

A Skitzo / Dj Ahmaad new tracks

Familiar face right here - A Skitzo (Dj Ahmaad) has got some new(ish) tracks up on his soundcloud.  All the tracks are 4x4 house tunes and you can hear that he's constantly improving his production skills. All of them sound good and i bet he's got more goodies cooking up in his kitchen. Out of these 4 tunes my favourites are L... In Me and the latest track Lucid Dreams. I feel stupid whenever i need to write something about some of the guys from Sarajevo because i'm subjective so i will let the music do the talking. Check those tracks below and check out his facebook page for more music, news and info about his upcoming gigs.
Lucid dreams-A SKITZO by A SKITZO
feelings-A SKITZO by A SKITZO
L... in me ! A SKITZO by A SKITZO
Cubes-A SKITZO rfx by A SKITZO

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