Oct 23, 2012

4 years old

Mooreeya is 4 years old today. It's gone by so fast, actually feels like 4 months.
A lot has changed during the course of these 4 years. The blog (along with 620 posts) has been deleted and that was the main reason I kinda lost interest in posting and why the blog isn't updated as often as it should be.
When i started this blog there wasn't so many people in Sarajevo who were into this 130ish bpm garage/bass heavy/electro/housey stuff. There was a lot of people who didn't know much about it but now they're into this kinda stuff. I'm not saying that i'm responsible for it but i know that this blog has influenced some people and changed their perspective on things, music-wise.
Drum and bass, jungle, breaks and hiphop were much more represented and the people who were there are still rocking that shit (massive respect to all of you).
There was no blogs or websites covering electronic music from Sarajevo (or Bosnia as far as i know, correct me if i'm wrong) and right now there are couple of those and that is a good thing. That is showing that even though Sarajevo is not heaven for EDM it has got a few enthusiasts who throw parties and spread the word through radio shows, websites, parties etc. (bigups to all of them).
I was just trying to say that this blog has changed, it changed me, it changed my perspective on music, hopefully changed peoples musical preferences and has spread some word about good music. I'm proud of this blog even though it's not updated frequently and i'm probably gonna continue working on it.
Bigups to all of you who've been supporting this and bigups to those who never did, cheers.

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