Oct 31, 2012

Diplo - 3hour Halloween mixtape

This weeks edition of Diplo and Friends show on BBC 1Xtra was a halloween special with a guest - System D182. Long mix containing anything and everything and it's got that scary halloween feel to it. Check out that long tracklist after the jump and be prepared for 16 Three 6 Mafia tracks in a row on the second part of the show. Listen and grab it below. Enjoy
Halloween Special - October 27th, 2012 by diplo

Mucha Lucha halloween special

There's another Mucha Lucha party going on on saturday. After the block parties this is their first installment of their club night and it's Dia de los muertos/Halloween edition. It's going to be held on 2 floors for the first time. A Skitzo, Mr Mehikano and myself (Gogo Ba) are gonna be there for all your audio needs and Vj Unknwn for the visuals.  Be sure to check out the facebook event and see you there.

Oct 30, 2012

Scuba - Talk Torque

Much talked about and anticipated track "Talk Torque" by Scuba has finally been released. It's a one-sider and it's released on Hotflush digitally but it's gonna be released on vinyl too on november 12th. Beautiful piece of music and another stormer by Scuba. Hear it below and buy it here. Enjoy
Scuba - Talk Torque (Pete Tong Rip) by Hotflush


Another dope party is going on on friday. It's held by Kontra crew so expect a lot of bass. Billain, Dj Aldin and Mpj Slo will be there for your listening pleasure and Repetitor Vjz for the visuals. Actually i'm just kidding it's not a party it's a party, political party holding election speeches and shit. Check out the facebook event for more info about that.

Bam! presents Loops Haunt

There's a couple of different events going on in Sarajevo this weekend. There's 2 parties on friday and we're starting with this one. It's happening in Kriterion and on 2 floors. There will be 2 guests from Scotland: Scott Gordon and Jon Blackwood along with guest from Istanbul - Voodoocoder with support from Zlijay and Dj Kaczynski. Be sure to check out the facebook event for more info and links.

Oct 25, 2012

Melé - Rinse FM mix

Melé was a guest on Rinse FM couple of days ago and provided a 2 hour mix. He's been known for very diverse mixes consisting different types of music. This mix is no different, there's something for everyone, just check out the massive tracklist after the jump. The mix features his remix for Lianne La Havas which you can grab for free from the Fact. Check it out below. 

Jack Beats - Progressions mix

Jack Beats have just put out a mix made up of all their original material produced in 2012. It  includes the 5 brand new tracks that will come out on the forthcoming 'Somebody to Love' release (dropping 9th Dec.) and the tracks from "Careless". Check it out below.
Progressions by Jack Beats

Oct 23, 2012

Crookers - Don't Be Sad mix

Crookers were one of my favourite producers those 4 years ago and i was mad about their music. They made some amazing tunes in the last couple of years but as you've probably heard - they split. Phra is gonna continue performing as Crookers while Bot is going in a new direction. Phra has put together a "Don't be sad mix" which contains some new tracks by Crookers which is supposed to be out soon. Check this mix out below, tracklist is after the jump. Enjoy
"Don't be sad" MIX by crookers

4 years old

Mooreeya is 4 years old today. It's gone by so fast, actually feels like 4 months.
A lot has changed during the course of these 4 years. The blog (along with 620 posts) has been deleted and that was the main reason I kinda lost interest in posting and why the blog isn't updated as often as it should be.
When i started this blog there wasn't so many people in Sarajevo who were into this 130ish bpm garage/bass heavy/electro/housey stuff. There was a lot of people who didn't know much about it but now they're into this kinda stuff. I'm not saying that i'm responsible for it but i know that this blog has influenced some people and changed their perspective on things, music-wise.
Drum and bass, jungle, breaks and hiphop were much more represented and the people who were there are still rocking that shit (massive respect to all of you).
There was no blogs or websites covering electronic music from Sarajevo (or Bosnia as far as i know, correct me if i'm wrong) and right now there are couple of those and that is a good thing. That is showing that even though Sarajevo is not heaven for EDM it has got a few enthusiasts who throw parties and spread the word through radio shows, websites, parties etc. (bigups to all of them).
I was just trying to say that this blog has changed, it changed me, it changed my perspective on music, hopefully changed peoples musical preferences and has spread some word about good music. I'm proud of this blog even though it's not updated frequently and i'm probably gonna continue working on it.
Bigups to all of you who've been supporting this and bigups to those who never did, cheers.