Feb 27, 2013

Reso - Half Life / Billain Remix + Boogie

Billain's got his latest remix coming out on march 11th. It's done for Reso and it's out on Civil Music as part of Reso - Tangram remix EP  along with other remixes by Koan Sound, Om Unit and Doshy. It's Billains take on dubstep, it's heavy and it's quality. Listen to it below and preorder it here.
There's more news about Billain which i'm even more hyped about and it's his own release coming out on march 25th.  Blockfield / Boogie is gonna be released on Bad Taste recordings, preorder it here. "Blockfield is Packing in carefully honed Neuro-Bass, twisted, distorted sounds and adrenaline fueled drums throughout, Blockfield is a worthy successor to Batbots".
The flipside is Boogie and it's probably my favourite Billains track so far. I went mad when i first heard it some time ago. Ravey neurofunk madness with elements of disco and boogie. Listen to that madness below and be prepared for even more amazing music by Billain. Enjoy
Reso - Half Life (Billain Remix) by Billain
Billain - Boogie by Billain

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