Dec 27, 2011

Billain Rise Audio live mix

Billain, an old friend of this blog keeps turning heads with his productions. Whether it's his own tracks or the beats for other artists. The beat he's done for Edo Maajka's song Panika has just been released and you can watch that video after the jump. It caused much hype and people are already discussing what type of music this is and many more whats and whys. I say it's a great piece of music and a great beat made by Billain. The guys from the Rise Audio recently uploaded Billains live mix recorded on his UK debut this year in Brighton. Big mix with some heavy pieces of artillery by Billain and some unreleased material followed by MC AD on the mic. Listen and grab it below, make sure you don't hurt yourself.
Billain & MC AD - Rise Audio, Brighton, UK 29.04.11

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