May 31, 2012

Is this thing on ?

What is this shit? Is this on? Is this working? No posts for 6 months?
That was not cool at all I know. I've been lazy, I haven't been motivated to post anything here. I didn't think that there was much people who cared. Well, there are some haters here and there but there are some cool people who do actually care.
I've been critisized a lot by some people (bigups!) for neglecting the blog so I will continue with it.
I'm gonna continue for the same reason I started it - posting music i like and sharing it with people, promoting  artists, labels, events etc. I can't promise that the blog is going to be updated daily or couple of times a day but i'm gonna post the stuff I like whenever i feel like it. There may be even some new things on the blog but i'm not saying anything right now, you will be updated.
There has been a lot of amazing music in the past 6 months and i'm sorry i didn't share it and i'm not gonna post it right now. There will be more new music and more posts soon so watch this space.
If you like what you're seeing spread the news, tell a friend to tell a friend and keep this blog bookmarked. Cheers

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