May 31, 2012

Justin Martin - Ghettos & Gardens

Dirtybird Records has always been one of my favourite labels, ever since Who's afraid of Detroit? by Claude Von Stroke came out. Justin Martin has always been there along with other artists and their music was always great and much fun. After many years on the scene Justin Martin has finally released his first album some time last week.
There were 2 releases (Don't Go and Ghettos and Gardens) that came out before the album and both were amazing with Hood Rich track definitely being one of my favourite tunes of this year.
The album is great and one can definitely say that Justin really has found his own sound. It's still house music but there's a lot of heavy bass sounds and you can hear that he's been influenced by dnb a lot.
I can't point out a single track from this album, you should really listen to the whole album and try to pick your favourite. I already said that Hood Rich is my fav but truth is - the whole album is pure gold. One of the tracks that will be interesting to dnb heads is JM remix of Goldies well-known track Kemistry which is another bass heavy monster. Anyways, Listen to the previews of the album below and hit those links for purchasing because this one is golden and perfect for the summer. Enjoy

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